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Running a business can be tricky and very time consuming at times. However, once you find the formula that works it is just a matter of scale.


The trick to growing a business is to increase market share and exposure so that you increase sales and thus can focus on delivery. There are many ways to do this from cold calling to marketing. All of which cost time and money. The trick is to invest your time and money in systems that work for your brand.


Here is a simple test to see if what you have currently is working for you. Just ask yourself the following questions. 

  1. How many new people did someone in my business talk to today regarding our services and offerings?
  2. How many new people do I need to speak to to make a sale?
  3. Based on the first two questions if I continue with those numbers will my business grow blow in 3 months?

If you are like most business owners out there your answers are not good. this means you have an exposure issue and need to focus on getting your brand our there. Here is another test to see how your team is coping.

  1. How many face to face meetings did your sales staff have on a daily basis?
  2. 2. How many hours a day does your sales staff spend canvasing?

If the answers are not good, you are playing your sales team out of position. You have spent alot of time and effort in helping your sales team learn the products and closing techniques, but they are not getting infront of customers looking to buy. Your sales staff are glorified canvasing agents. and canvasing agents don’t close deals. 


I know this is alot to take in but the truth is these a simple issues to resolve. With the world using tech for everything nowadays to simplify life, You need to start looking into simpler better ways to assist your sales staff in closing the right deals. 

With online solutins from lead generation to onlione marketing campaigns and targeted product sales adverts your business is one affordable solution away from becoming an effective growth machine again. 




Lead Generation

We Make Growth Easy For Revenue Leaders.

Online platforms have made getting your product, service or brand in front of the right clients easy and scalable.

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What You Can Expect.

  • Targeted Marketing Solutions.
  • Managed Campaigns.
  • Scalable Solutions.
  • Increased Sales.
  • Increased Brand Exposure.

Online Platforms

Choosing the right platform to market your brand on is vital to an effective online campaign.






Easy To Use.

We send alrets straight to your phone so you can contact customers as they make requests. Studies have shown the longer you take to reply, the colder the lead will get. 

Build Customer Lists.

Nearly every Lead Gen company or online marketing expert worth their weight will tell you that the lead you get today has a 30% chance of closing. They are either shopping around or just curios about your product. 

You need to build a strong client list that is managed and engaged to turn queries into sales and sales into live long customers. and mailing lists are a great way to go about achieving this. 


The power of video marketing is huge. The public love Video contact and with our partner company at 316 creative we have you covered. Showcase your brand or products with video that will blow your mind. 


Unfortunately we don’t serve every single business in the market. Our dream clients have a specific look and feel to them. Online marketing takes an investment of time and money. Our clients understand this and are willing to invest in both. Our team build strong effective scalable campaigns that allow for our customers to reliably count on what we deliver as part of their business model. That being said if you answer yes to these questions then you need to fill in the form so we can have a quick chat.

  1. Is your company currently setup for sales growth and can you cope with more enquiries on a daily basis?
  2. Are you able to give our team access to your current online platforms to setup and run advertising for your brand?
  3. Is your marketing budget R 5000 or larger per month?

If you answered yes we are ready for our chat. Our team will discuss our case studies and trial period with you in the consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you build your business.


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"Thanks for the great work, Learned so much and very excited to grow online."
“What a awesome company to work with, Friendly and I always know what is going on."
"I want to thank you for all your help, I am so confident and motivated to grow my business after working with evry1online."
" You Guys rock. Not every deal goes as planned and we had some downs, But you were always there and resolved the issues. Well done, Your business has a bright and full future."

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